2018 Farm Bill and CBD: The Future Looks Bright Indeed!

President Trump recently signed an agricultural bill, known as the 2018 Farm Act, that effectively paves the way for nationwide legalization of CBD. While CBD for the most part had been “legal” within most states, the federal legality of the substance remained in question. Even if people could enjoy cananbidiol at the local level, there remained a general anxiety with many consumers if it was truly legal.

With the 2018 Farm Act now passed, the domestic hemp plant is now legal to grow. Hemp is now considered a commodity for farmers and  they will be able to acquire various benefits, such as loans, financing and insurance, that were previously denied to them.

The legalization of hemp as a crop effectively paves the way for the legalization of CBD at the federal level. Previously CBD had been classified by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)  as a Schedule I controlled substance which was a source of concern for many consumers that benefited from the variety of therapeutic effects.

While we were always happy to ensure our CBD sources were strictly THC free, there was still the concern with many potential clients about the legality of our topical patches. Well worry no more!

The bill contains programs that will cost around $876 billion over the next 10 tears. The advantage to CBD product manufacturers, and more importantly to the consumers, is enormous. Experts within the hemp industry agree that there will now be up to a tripling in hemp plant cultivation. Ultimately this means more CBD products at the ecommerce and retail level.

We here at Nano 101 are excited more than ever about this news. To celebrate we currently have all our patches at 30% OFF!

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