A Brief History Of CBD


Earth is blessed with a variety of plant life and other resources that supply humanity with all of their needs to survive. Each plant has its own unique characteristics an can offer varying benefits to us. Plants are used in so many aspects of our lives, such as medicine, design, business, and so much more. One of the most beneficial usages of plant life has been in medicine and improving health.

One of the plants that have been used extensively throughout human history has been cannabis. The hemp plant has been cultivated and used for different purposes since the dawn of civilization. Cannabis was cultivated as a crop more than 600o years ago in Eurasia, but was not used for its psychoactive properties. Even in the earliest dynasties, eras, and kingdoms across the world, cannabis had been used in a variety of ways including alleviating symptoms of different illnesses. In 2737 BC, the Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung mixed cannabis in a tea to treat various conditions he was suffering from. This makes the first documented cannabis use in medicine that plays a significant role in its battle for worldwide legality. A recent archaeological dig found evidence of people smoking cannabis almost 2500 years ago. You can read about it here.

It was in the early 1500s when the scientific world first began to explore the possible medicinal benefits of cannabis.

In 1839, William B. O’Shaughnessy-an Irish medical researcher and physician wrote and published a controversial investigative study about the therapeutic effects of different plants. This provoked more researchers to conduct a study considering cannabis in various medical applications. The studies by O’Shaughnessy opened the the doorway for the discoveries of compounds that would be referred to as cannabinoids.

It wasn’t until around the 1940s that cannabidiol was first extracted. It was eventually discovered that CBD, as a component of the  cannabis plant, is non-psychoactive. After the controversial study published by O’Shaughnessy, technological, and research advancements were able to reveal the compounds present in the plant of cannabis.

Robert S. Cahn, a British chemist, can be credited with discovering the first individual cannabinoid. He made a report about the partial structure of a Cannabinol (CBN) that he later classified and identified in 1940 as fully formed.

After two years, an American chemist named Roger Adams made history due to his successful isolation of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Ever since this discovery by Adams, the battle for the legality of CBD ensued for a few decades after its discovery until this past December when the Trump administration finally legalized hemp as a commodity and crop. This has paved the way for the legalization of CBD and for continued research into this amazing substance!

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