CBD and Acne

A lot of people aren’t aware that cannabidiol (CBD) may also act as an acne treatment. There have been multiple research studies that show how the use of CBD may help in the treatment of acne. For example a study in 2010 by Dr Tamas Biro (Professor and Chair of the Department of Immunology at the University of Debrecen, Hungary), you can read here, found that CBD did in fact help reduce inflammation and oil production, thereby alleviating acne. If you’re currently taking our Nano 101 patch for anxiety, pain relief, or another issue,  and you have also been affected by acne, then the CBD infused in the topical patch may also help clear up your skin!

Acne can happen on different parts of your body, such as the shoulders back and particularly the face. It can impact the health of your skin, particularly once it gets infected. What’s more, it can impact your self-confidence and self esteem. The earlier you eliminate it, the better physically and psychologically.

When not appropriately handled, acne can create scars that remain on your skin for a long time if not permanently.

What Are the Root Causes of Acne?

Acne results from a variety of causes. The activity of free radicals is considered one of the factors that can lead to the formation of acne. Having high testosterone levels, as documented at puberty in both girls and boys, can also lead to acne formation.

There’s a connection between the sebaceous gland and acne. These glands are responsible for generating skin oil or sebum. Excess production of oil from such glands will cause oil to clog the pores, trapping dirt and dead skin cells. The stored oil will cause inflammation because of an infection. That’s because a combination of oil and dirt establishes a fertile ground for bacterial development.

How Can CBD Help you with Your Acne Problems?

CBD targets the root cause of acne which is the excessive production of sebum. CBD oil is a cannabinoid which can enhance the endocannabinoid system. When used, CBD will lessen the amount of sebum being generated by the human body and lessen the predisposition to acne. In addition, CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help reduce redness and skin irritation.

The mix of properties seen in CBD makes it potentially an ideal product for treating acne. Compared to other products in the market, it can also eliminate acne without scarring your skin.

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