CBD can't be added as a food additive in Californa. Is this the end of CBD?

The latest news we bring out of California is both good and bad.

First the bad…

On July 6th the Food & Drug Branch of California announced that CBD could not be added to any "food, drink, confection, condiment, or chewing gum by man or other animals." California seems to be following FDA regulations which prohibit CBD (cannabidiol) as an additive in edible products.

If California, one of the most liberal and largest states when it comes to Hemp products, is going this route who knows what the future holds with other states. We’re now hearing word from other states that might go the way of California. Texas, foe example,  has recently mulled banning CBD infused edible products as well.

It may seem harmless at first until you realize that most of the available CBD comes in the form of oral food items such as tinctures, gummies, or other edible forms. Banning CBD from food items and edibles at large essentially shuts down the vast majority of CBD options for consumers in the largest states.

We’ve already touted the many therapeutic benefits of CBD, and if you’re visiting our site you probably already know why CBD is growing so popular. From lowering anxiety to reducing stress, CBD is the new all natural solution to a variety of health issues

You know the benefits but how to reconcile with the fact that it may not be as easily available?

Well here is where we bring the good news!

Even with these new regulations there’s no need to worry!

Simply put: our Nano CBD Patches are the solution.

The great thing about our CBD patches is that since they are in the form of a patch and are not an edible or food item none of the regulations apply to our product. With our patent pending technology we are able to infuse 120 mg of pure CBD oil that is derived from organic, vegan, and pesticide free hemp sources. Because it’s a patch and not added to say a gummy or tincture, California and FDA regulations do not apply.

But even if these new regulations didnt exist, our Nano CBD patches are still the best source for all of your CBD needs. Our technology, which bypasses the GI route entirely, offers far greater CBD absorption into your body than any pill or drop. Furthermore, rather than a sudden dosage of CBD you would get from taking an oral preparation of CBD and that lasts just a few hours, with Nano CBD Oil patches you get a steady absorption of CBD over the course of 8-12 hours.

CBD holds great promise for many people suffering from anxiety and other mental issues. The wonderful health benefits are just now gaining acceptance. But, it's also a time of worry especially when it comes to the legality of CBD in different states.

Just remember if you're worried about the availability of CBD in the future, then look no further to Nano 101. Our CBD patch systems bypass the current restrictions in CBD, especially, in California. And even if there was no ban in place, our 120mg Nano CBD patches have the most advanced and potent cannabidiol delivery there is of any other product available.

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