Hemp Farming Was Legalized As the 2018 Farm Bill Was Passed

The 2018 Farm Bill that was passed under the Trump administration essentially helps landowners overcome previously placed hurdles by providing them planning and technical assistance, financial support, as well as policies to help them move into larger markets. The bill also provides for increased research, education programs and more for farmers.

The $867 billion 2018 farm bill was passed by the Senate on December 11 and by the House on December 12 of 2018. The bill and its provisions became law when President's signature was received. While the Farm bill encompasses a wide variety of topics we wanted to briefly touch on its implications concerning the hemp plant.

For decades, federal law did not recognize hemp as a legal plant. All components, such as CBD, derived from the plant were highly restricted if not outright illegal. In 1937, under the “Marihuana” Tax Act cannabis was subject to taxation. By 1970, under the Controlled Substances Act, the government formally made all variations of cannabis, including hemp, illegal in the United States. Decades of restrictions and aggressive legal enforcement limited access to the benefits of the plant including those components that did not contain THC, the psychoactive component of the plant.

Restrictions on hemp as a crop also limited many farmers from cultivating it for various purposes. Historically hemp was once a prime agricultural crop that was used in many products including canvas, cloth, paper, and rope because of its durable fibers. With restrictions now lifted, hemp is now treated the same as other commodity crops and can be easily marketed and sold by farmers.

Farmers are the main beneficiaries of the 2018 Farm Bill because they are now able to treat hemp as a commodity crop without fear of legal reprisal. This for sure will be of economic benefit to the farming community.

Another great advantage is that components of the hemp plant, such as Cannbidiol (CBD), are now federally legal. The Farm Bill is not only a boon for farmers but also for CBD suppliers. For us here at Nano 101, the bill was met with great joy. Even though our topical patches had 0 THC to begin with there was still worry from buyers prior to December 2018.

But now we ask you to come see what everyone's talking about by enjoying the many benefits of CBD.

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