How CBD Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Cannabidiol is an important component of the cannabis plant. Unlike tetra-hydrocannabidiol (THC), CBD is nonpsychoactive. You can get all the relaxation benefits of the hemp plant without the “intoxication”.  

    For the past few years, there has been quite a bit of research on the effect CBD has on the cardiovascular system.  In general when your body is relaxed it is also less stressed. And so, just on a psychological basis, lower stress should be less of a burden on your cardiovascular system.

    A study published in JCI Insight revealed that the use of Cannabidiol lessens systolic pressure. This finding suggests that CBD may be somewhat beneficial if you have an elevated blood pressure.

    9 male volunteers were given 600 mg of Cannabidiol by the researchers at the University of Nottingham. The stroke volume, heart rate, skin blood flow, and blood pressure were all monitored while the participants were at rest. Similar factors were measured in the stress tests a few hours after using CBD.

    According to researchers, the conducted test showed an impressive result. Those who took CBD saw their systolic blood pressure reduced by an average of 5 mmHg before and after the stress test, and 6 mmHg during the test.

    It was also discovered that Cannabidiol cut down stroke volume and decreased the heart rate by seven beats per minute on average.

    Researchers established that "CBD reduces...the body's response to stress, more specifically cold stress especially post-test periods. This may reflect the pain-relieving and anxiolytic effects of CBD, as well as any potential direct effects to the cardiovascular system."


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