How CBD patches are better than taking any kind of oral CBD

Transdermal patches of cannabis are a unique way of consuming cannabis. To experience its effects, you don't need to inhale or ingest. You don't even have to touch a cannabis flower at all. The entire job is performed through a simple patch adhering to a venous region of the body, enabling the cannabinoids to go into the bloodstream to work for an efficient and long-lasting response. Typically, patches are accessible in a variety of isolated cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN, THCA, and 1:1 CBD: THC divided ratios. Consumers can select a patch based on the effects they want. For instance, if they seek to reduce inflammation, an individual may opt for CBD, while another may opt for CBN if they have insomnia. Besides these examples, both cannabinoids give a wide variety of medicinal effect.

Patches can offer relief throughout the day or night, with a slow release of the cannabinoid chosen throughout its use. For some, this is an attractive alternative to smoking or vaporizing, resulting in comparatively rapidly subsidizing effects. Besides this comfort, some see the patch's discretion as an added advantage. The patch can be kept out of sight, enabling anywhere, anytime for medical use.

What is a CBD Patch?

A CBD patch is a piece of plastic infused with cannabinoid CBD in the form of a band-aid. To relieve chronic problems such as pain and anxiety, merely apply the CBD patch to a venous part of your body (that's veins, not the planet), such as your ankle, arm, or wrist inside.

Your body heat activates the patch and causes a small quantity of CBD to be released through your skin and into the bloodstream. Think of it as an IV without the cumbersome needles.

Benefits of Cannabis Patch:

Dr. Noel Palmer, chief scientist of Mary's Medicinal, stated,

"The reason you're using a patch is that it's direct to the bloodstream, it's a slow timed release, and it's a fairly benign way to administer a drug to those kinds of things for someone who might be averse to taking a pill."

"Especially with THC, it passes through your liver when ingested, and all of a sudden you get these pharmacologically completely distinct THC metabolites floating around in the body. You get a boost of 11-Hydroxy-THC when you consume [marijuana] –which is very powerful and maybe stronger than the Delta-9."

Furthermore, he said that, in theory, with the patch, you don't get that because you're going directly to the bloodstream, so you won't get that kind of secondary metabolites you'd get when you ingest. So, it would be more like a very, very slow smoke. The patches are a very safe way for people who don't want to try cannabis in the traditional method.

Patches provide precise delivery ratios and higher amounts of cannabinoids available. They provide rapid and efficient delivery of medicine outside the digestive process offering undiluted absorption of cannabinoid into the bloodstream.

They offer much longer dose duration, up to 96 hours. Due to the distinctive layout of the reservoir, this enables gradual absorption. Transdermal CBD patches come pre-loaded with measured cannabinoid doses, allowing the customers to have more accurate control over how much medicine they consume. And there are no added chemicals.


Nano101 believes in the power of alternative therapy based on hemp. Nano’s mission is to create patch systems based on Hemp and CBD oil that are more effective than traditional oral products such as edibles. Their products are manufactured using terpenoid-rich full-spectrum CBD oil. With their patent-pending extraction and refinement process, they extract the equivalent dry weight of 120 mg CBD onto each of revolutionary patch. The infused CBD retains its FULL potency and therapeutic effect.

CBD patches last longer:

Patches slowly release CBD over several hours (on average eight to twelve). That means you will get long-lasting medicinal effects. This contrasts sharply with other consumption methods (such as oils or isolates), which quickly peak and then slow down, requiring you to take another dose.

CBD patches are more effective than other delivery methods:

Your stomach and lungs are beneficial to prevent the entry of chemicals into your bloodstream. That's good when something damaging is ingested or inhaled, but not so good when something useful (like CBD) is ingested or inhaled. Your body can't tell the difference between the malignant and the benign, it just dilutes and filters all you bring in. In the case of CBD, this means that you have to ingest or inhale before you get through enough to affect. But with a CBD patch, you bypass these two filtering organs so that more of the CBD makes it into your bloodstream.

CBD patches are the easiest to use than other methods such as CBD joints and edibles. When using CBD joints, you have to roll the joint first, which generally involves grinding the bud, struggling with rolling papers and sealing the joint. Edibles are a little better, but it still requires work. You have to mix the recipe, cook it, or bake it sometimes, and then eat it. These are many steps to reach the CBD relief you need. But with a CBD patch, all you need to do is apply it to your skin, and you are good to go.

Will CBD patches get you high?

A patch from the CBD won't get you high. Specifically, the patches were created to minimize THC while maximizing CBD. No CBD product will get you high if it is not mislabeled or if you have taken the wrong stuff.


In the world of medicinal and recreational products, cannabis patches are unique, with a multitude of advantages for their use. Patches are becoming a precious solution to traditional consumption techniques in legal markets across the U.S. from discretion to fast-acting and long-lasting impacts or honing in on the specific advantages of a particular cannabinoid. Nano 101 mission is to continue and create the most advanced and efficient patch-based hemp products available.

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