As creators and sellers of the finest CBD oil product and patch in the world we thought it would be a good idea to take a brief history tour of cannabidiol in this blog article.

A team of investigators from the University of Illinois isolated CBD for the first time in 1940 and the compound was thought to be pharmaceutically inactive. In 1946, Dr. Walter S. Loewe, a chemist conducted the first CBD tests on animals.

The chemical structure of CBD was extensively established in 1963 by a chemist Raphael Mechoulam which aided in confirming that CBD was a nonpsychoactive component of cannabis.

In spite of the constraints the researchers face, the studies on the benefits of CBD continues to be carried out. With the inflation in the number of countries that have approved the use of medical cannabis come increasing hopes that researchers will confront fewer difficulties in a not-too-distant future. In the United States of America, numerous food and beverage products are infused with CBD and have been introduced to the market recently. These products are marketed as containing CBD, but in reality, contain a minuscule amount or none.

In recent developments, some states have banned the use of CBD as a food additive. California, for example, recently passed legislation that prohibits adding CBD into food items or anything taken orally. This essentially bans all forms of CBD usage as most are taken through the oral route.

So while research, and subsequently, acceptance of CBD has grown ever since its discovery at times we as a society can take a few steps back as seen in these recent regulations in California.

The great news is since our patches are not consumed and are not a food item, the recent regulations do not apply to our patches in California. Of course there is no issue so far in any of the other states.  Furthermore, we are able to infuse 120mg of PURE CBD derived from organic and pesticide free hemp plants grown in the banana belt region of Oregon.

Since our refinement process removes all the THC, there are no psychoactive effects you might get with other CBD products which have more crude extraction technology.

Now you can easily enjoy pure CBD with our Nano CBD Patches. Instead of taking harmful prescriptions, try out 15% OFF CBD subscription plans and naturally lower anxiety, reduce stress, and improve the quality of sleep.



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