The Future Is Bright

The Cannabidiol (CBD ) market keeps booming; month by month, year by year, the word is spreading about the amazing therapeutic benefits of CBD in mitigating various conditions.

In the past few weeks we have covered a variety of ways CBD can benefit the user to help with certain issues. The wonderful thing about CBD is that it offers an all-natural, non-addictive, and relatively side-effect free way to ease different problems.

Take for example anxiety. Anxiety is perhaps the most common mental affliction in our society today. With our hyper-competitive world, it’s easy to see why. Currently, the major prescribed medications for anxiety and stress are benzodiazepines. Without going into too much detail, chronic use of benzodiazepines such as Xanax leads to very strong addition to the drugs. Long term abuse of this class of “anxiety” drugs actually worsen anxiety and may lead to cognition and memory impairment. A possible link might exist between dementia, Alzheimer’s, and long term benzodiazapene abuse.  Sudden disuse of benzodiazepens can lead to drastic withdrawal symptoms and can even be fatal.

CBD offers a natural solution to help with anxiety that won’t give the user any dangerous side effects. In fact CBD can help treat many afflictions without the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. The public is slowly warming up to the amazing therapeutic benefits of CBD and its showing. 

The state of the CBD industry looks very promising indeed. According to a recent report by Brightfield Group the CBD market alone is expected to hit an amazing $22 billion by 2022.

Even though the future looks bright there have been some bumps on the road. For example, there was the recent legislation in California that banned all edible food-additive forms of CBD. The excellent thing is since the Nano 101 CBD patch is a topical patch and not consumed none of the CBD regulations apply to our patches.

Despite these little setbacks we expect great things for CBD. That is why we formed Nano 101. We looked ahead and saw a bright future so we set out to create the ultimate Cannabidiol delivery system there is. And our patches do just that. With a simple day long CBD patch, your body absorbs 120 mg of pure CBD oil that is THC free so you don’t get any of the psychoactive effects. Instead you get straight absorption and will feel the positive effects in short time.

Browse our patch collections and pick which pack is right for you!

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