What is the bioavailability of your CBD?

In terms of pharmacology, environmental, and nutritional sciences, the term bio-availability is often used. In the broad sense, bio-availability refers to the rate and degree in which the circulatory system of our body or the systematic circulation absorbs administered oral agents such as prescription drugs, vitamins, and/or herbs. Bio-availability is an essential tool when measuring the efficacy of the aforementioned oral agents.

How do drugs enter the bloodstream?

All manner of drugs can enter our body in various different ways such as by swallowing, drinking, eating, inhaling, or even by administering intravenously (through your veins). As CBD users we are all aware of the numerous different products and methods of delivery available on the market.

Injecting a drug or vitamin usually offers the highest bio-availability but is very inconvenient not to mention painful. To constantly administer a vitamin or CBD preparation would be quite painful not to mention potentially dangerous.

The tried and true routes for CBD administration till now have been through oral based preparations namely in the forms of edibles or tinctures. While they are more convenient and cause less pain than say an injection they are also inefficient in terms of bio-availability. Did you know that after ingesting a drug, vitamin, or herbal product it must first pass through your GI tract and then get processed by the liver? Only after going through this lengthy route does the drug finally enter your bloodstream and get distributed throughout your body. It is at this stage you finally feel the effects. This processing by the liver is known as the “first pass effect”.

The unfortunate part about oral based CBD preps is that a large portion of the ingested cannabidiol gets inactivated as it passes through the GI tract. The first pass effect has a big impact on oral CBD and renders much of the cannabidiol you swallow useless. By some estimates only 5-10% of the actually CBD you are ingesting actually ever makes it through and has an effect. So be weary when taking high dosage CBD tinctures or edibles as only a fraction is actually having any effect.

Aside from the intravenous route, another way to bypass the first pass effect is to inhale CBD. But this presents an additional set of problems. Vaping CBD is not only inconvenient but potentially harmful. Many of the vape CBD oils on the market having rather toxic cutting agents. These agents are required in order for the vape oil to work in vaporizers. The most common cutting agents are polyethylene glycol (PEG) and propylene glycol (PG). Studies have shown that PEG and VG can not only lead to asthma and allergies, but in the long run may break down into carcinogenic compounds such as formaldehyde or acetaldehyde.

At Nano CDB Plus we would like to offer a new and unique way to bypass the “first pass effect” through the use of our 120mg CBD patches! While the effect of the CBD may take just a little longer (10-20 minutes) to kick in than say inhalation or swishing an unsavory tincture in your mouth, the bioavailability in our patches is much higher than these products. With our technology we are able to skip the digestive track and liver entirely and delivery CBD through your skin. This means you get more of the CBD delivered to your body through our patches than the same milligram oral based CBD product. You also avoid the toxic byproducts of smoking a CBD vape.


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