cbd patches

Cannabis-related businesses constitute one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. As the public is changing opinions and increasing in openness when it comes to discussing and researching CBD patches means more people are educating themselves about the benefits of CBD patches. They are also beginning to understand the different types of oil available on the market, leaving them better able to identify and choose the best option for their position. Those with a better understanding of what is available are turning to the more expensive, higher quality products in an attempt to reap as many positive outcomes as possible from their experience. This makes investments worth more money, providing you with a greater ROI in the short term and a greater sale price when or if you choose to sell.

Over the past several years, a series of key developments have taken place, and these developments have culminated in the creation of an optimal market for investment in CBD patches. With the development of this market continuing to advance forward at full speed, one thing has become abundantly clear. CBD patches, as of right now, is unequivocally one of the single best investments that can be made. I am going to discuss a few of these developments in depth to give to you a clear understanding of why it is so important for you to invest in the CBD patches market. To start off with, over the past decade, in North America and Europe particularly, cannabis, and along with it, CBD patches, has slowly inched its way towards social acceptance in a broad sense, and with this acceptance has come the desensitization of CBD patches usage. With this desensitization, the usage of CBD patches has exploded, and with it, so too has investment in the industry.

Factor Number One: Social acceptance of CBD patches usage is on the rise. Over the past five years, CBD patches and its usage has gained wide acceptance across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As of writing this, CBD patches is currently legal in 47 U.S. states and several CBD patches products are no longer considered schedule 1 substances by the United States federal government. Additionally, CBD patches is legal in all major European countries besides Slovakia. But these developments have all happened in recent years, meaning there is not much infrastructure present in the industry, and many people have not yet heard of CBD patches or of how it can help them. This may sound like a bad thing, but it is actually tremendously good news because it indicates that there is a massive untapped market for companies to expand into. All of this is an excellent indicator of the trajectory the CBD patches market will follow over the next few years. As the market has expanded greatly in size and scope, so too has the financial opportunity for lucrative investments to be made.

Factor Number Two: Capital Investment is up and the market is expanding greatly. Currently on the global scale, the CBD patches industry is estimated to be valued at $270 million. In the next five years, it is predicted that that number will increase by nearly 900% to a yearly market of $2.4 billion. But this number is just one of many, some analysts estimate that the global CBD patches industry could increase by nearly 9000%, to $22 billion a year by 2022. This number indicates the staggering returns that could be derived from those who invest in the industry. And the good news doesn’t stop there, capital investment in the CBD patches industry is also booming, with many CBD patches stocks rising significantly over the past year, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

Legal cannabis and CBD are poised to be among the biggest and fastest growing industries in the next decade. California legalized recreational marijuana at the very beginning of 2018. Within two weeks, two dozen Los Angeles businesses got approval to sell recreational products. California is the fifth largest economy in the world and is the largest cannabis market in the United States. Wall Street estimates that California will sell as much as $11 billion in legal weed by 2030, so it only makes sense for investors and cannabis stocks to look into this opportunity.

The marijuana industry has become an attractive opportunity for investors, with promising revenue and expansion across states, industries and product offerings. Cannabis stocks are such a new and unusual investment that even compared to your usual investments, there’s no such thing as a “safe bet”. Medical marijuana presents you with more options, if you should choose to take a chance. Far more states have legalized medical than recreational cannabis, and Canada has had medical weed for nearly two decades.

Cali Green Equities is a DBA of Attera Holding Company, which owns, maintains, and operates, businesses and assets including Cannabis and Hemp operations, Health and Vitamins products, Gold, Silver and Copper mines. Cali Green Equities is opening a round of initial funding up to $5 million. Cali Green Equities is in the process of building out its grow facilities and Hemp manufacturing operations in Cudahy, California. All operations are fully licensed for cultivation, distribution, extraction, and manufacturing, and are within a few months of planting the first phase of its grow operations. The Hemp grow operations will consist of over 160,000 square feet under canopy. 

By taking advantage of the time left before that happens, however, and by investing while shares in CBD patches companies are still relatively cheap, your ROI will be extremely high. This will be good news four or five years down the line, regardless of whether you plan to hold onto your investment or sell it to the highest bidder.

The stigma that surrounds marijuana is changing as more Americans have access to medical or recreational marijuana. Investment opportunities are still limited to a few wealthy investors, but there is a demand for retail investment products, both from investors and from the cannabis industry that needs capital to sustain its growth. It’s a changing world for marijuana, and how you think it will continue to change will determine whether or not you want to invest.