• Process

    Our patch is proudly made in the USA and is created through a meticulous 6 stage process. From the sourcing to the final product, we abide by strict cGMP manufacturing process. All ingredients are created from organic and vegan sources and are carefully inspected. We also batch test every order to ensure quality prior to delivery.


  • The Source

    Organic and Vegan ingredients are harvested

    Refinement: Stage 1

    Our first stage of refinement we utilize our proprietary CO2 extraction process

    Refinement: Stage 2

    We continue the refinement process from stage 1 to further condense the herbal, vitamin, and mineral components.

    Refinement: Stage 3

    The final and precise establishment of equivalent potency prior to infusion onto the patch.


    Every step in our 6 stage process is done within the United states and with strict GMP standards. At this stage we infuse the patch with the refined components