CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches

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CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus

CBD OIL FULL 30 DAY 30 CBD Patch Pack - 3600mg (30x120mg) Total CBD*

If you're on the lookout for a way to receive your CBD without popping pills or dripping tincture below your tongue, our cannabidiol topical patch is the response to your prayers.

It grants you the fantastic medicinal properties to aid you in health benefits.  Due to the developing need for an alternative treatment for a number of health-related conditions, more folks are turning to CBD for a solution. Utilizing CBD for pain and anxiety may be a nice and healthy means to lower the anxiety signs as well as the pain symptoms that ruin the lives of lots of people. Unlike THC, CBD doesn't cause a high as it is non-psychoactive.

Our Nano CBD Patches may:

    1. Aid in body pain
    2. Help to solve a number of health problems
    3. Reduce anxiety


    (All ingredient dosages represent the dry equivalent weight of the corresponding ingredient on the package. The patch can only sustain a weight of 80 milligrams. Our proprietary process reduces the weight, but not the potency)

    *"These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."


    Nano CBD patches are easy to use! Simply place a patch on an area of skin with little to no hair such as the shoulders, back, or hips. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the area. We recommend placing the patch on after you shower. Keep the CBD patch on for at least 8 hours to feel the benefits. Remove the patch after 8-10 hours and place another on if you desire. We recommend no more than 2 patches a day.

    Each Nano CBD patch contains the dry equivalent weight of 120mg of CBD (cannabidiol)! With our patent pending technology we can infuse this dosage onto each patch while retaining FULL potency.

    Our Nano CBD patch is hypoallergenic but if redness or rash develops discontinue use. Please consult with a physician if pregnant, nursing, or on medications.

    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus
    CBD 120mg Patch - 30 CBD patches - Nano CBD Plus


    The CBD (Cannabidiol) revolution is here. And with our 3600mg CBD Patches, you can be a part of it.

    Can help diminish anxiety, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

    CBD derived from organically hemp plant belt in Oregon.

    Sustained 8-14hr 120mg CBD delivery with no spikes or crash..

    Try 18 Patches (3600mg) for only $225.00

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    CBD might be able to assist you to manage anxiety. It is completely non-toxic and non-addictive. CBD can likewise be used topically, providing many critical advantages which were proven scientifically. Unlike most anti-psychotic medications, CBD doesn't lead to a greater probability of death. CBD from Hemp includes little to no THC, therefore it does not lead to a high. In recent studies, CBD has been proven to reduce or remove the effect of inflammation.


    Our Nano CBD patches provide more controlled delivery prices, or so the wearer doesn't get an excessive amount of medication all at one time.

    Organic and pesticide free 120mg CBD infused in each patch!

    Proudly made in the United States in a GMP Facility

    Higher CBD absorption than pills, drops, or edibles.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


    Peel off the patch!

    Place it on an area with little hair like the shoulders or upper arms.

    With Nano CBD Patch!



    Our cannabidiol transdermal patch ensures it is feasible to deliver cannabinoids to be able to target certain issues. Nano CBD patches offer a complete host of advantages over the majority of other procedures of CBD consumption.

    CBD based pills, gummies, and edibles get mostly inactivated by the time they pass through the digestive system. And how many strange tasting drops can you bear?

    With our 120mg Nano CBD Patches you can:

    Get FULL absorption of 120mg pure CBD right through your skin.

    Avoid the hassle of CBD based pills or gummies throughout the day.

    Forget those strange tasing drops and sublinguals.

    Get 8 to 14 hours steady state CBD delivery with one patch.

    Make sure you get the FULL day-long benefits of CBD with Nano 101's 30 Patch 3600mg Nano CBD patches ORDER NOW & get FREE SHIPPING!


    Our mission is to continue to develop the most advanced and effective topical CBD and Hemp based topical patches available.


    “Using the CBD patches from Nano 101 have been a life-changing event for me. As a sufferer of anxiety, and subsequently depression, since my early teenage years I have tried all sorts of prescription medications and have spent countless thousands visiting many different doctors all to no avail. When a friend of mine let me try a patch I knew I had finally found the solution to my anxiety issues. All I can say is this company has a lifelong customer!”

    Erica Bowlin


    Average Rating







    Average Rating

    Erin Thomas

    Thank you!

    "They are amazing!! Thanks sooo much!! Your company by far offers the best deal on them!!! Hope you guys continue."

    Daniel Montelongo

    Perfect for after work

    "I love my job as a corporate attorney but its also a very high stress job especially the first few years. Its been very hard for me to unwind after work as my mind is still racing from the work day. Putting these on after I leave the office have helped me enoy my evening so much more and I have so much better sleep now. Great technology in these patches."

    Rachel W.

    Love these

    "I'm an avid dancer and these have been great for easing some of my pain and sore joints. Only thing is for me taking 2 or more made me a ltitle too mellow so I keep them for the evening. I do like I can cut them to adjust the amount of CBD im getting."


    Satisfaction is guaranteed


    Nano 101 has spent over a decade researching and developing our topical patch systems. We use only the finest quality organic and pesticide free hemp sources. Our topical systems provide painless and hassle free CBD and hemp absorption that is second to none. We are so confident in our CBD patches that we offer a FULL 30 day money back guarantee.